Welcome to Cory’s Guide to Cruising in Australia

Welcome to my cruising blog!

I have created this Guide to Cruising in Australia to help spread the word about the wonderful world of cruising from Australia.

We have some wonderful local and international destinations that the cruise lines visit from Australia and we are one of the fastest growing cruise destinations in the world (second only to Asia)

During our cruise (or waves) season, Australia plays host to a plethora of ships from most of the major cruise lines, as well as having 8-10 ships cruise year round.

Some of the topics I will be covering on this blog are:

  • When is the Australian Cruise Season
  • What ships sail from Australia year round
  • What types of cabins are available
  • What are gratuities
  • Where do the ships sail from
  • Cruising destinations
  • What cabin is right for me
  • How to book a cruise
  • What to expect on a cruise
  • What’s included on a cruise
  • Much much more

So click on the follow link and keep an eye out as I publish the Guide on Cruising in Australia


Cruise Safely!




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