When is Australia’s Cruise Season?

The Australia Cruise Season is known in the travel industry as “Waves Season” and is usually in the Australian Spring & Summer months (October to March)

During the Waves Season, the international cruise lines relocate their ships from their current Home Port to an Australian Home Port. You can book a trip on these relocation cruises, and they’re usually quite competitively priced and the usual duration of them is around 14-20 days.



Nearly half of the international ships relocate from Alaska to Australia, and the relocation cruises depart from either Vancouver, BC or Seattle, WA and stop along the way at places like Tahiti, Hawaii and the South Pacific Isles.

Most cruise lines who relocate from Australia to Alaska will break the trip into two cruises to make it more appealing to those who can’t spare a month to travel. The most common is from Sydney, Australia to Honolulu, Hawaii. Although Royal Caribbean do usually have at least one of their ships do the entire trip as one cruise.


The best thing about doing a relocation cruise to Alaska is that you can usually combine it with a 7 day Alaskan Inside Passage cruise, where you get to see all the glaciers and scenery of Alaska from the comfort of your cruise cabin.




The other common destination for international cruise ships out of season is Asia, where around 25% of the cruise lines will send their ships in our off season. This includes Royal Caribbean, Carnival Cruises and Princess Cruises.

Most travel agents do package deals with the cruise lines where you can cruise from Sydney/Brisbane/Perth to either Singapore, Hong Kong or Guangzhou, stay a few nights and then fly home. These packages are quite a good deal and combine the best aspect of cruising with seeing another country (plus there’s only one long haul flight)




Don’t forget Australia also has 6-8 ships which sail from Australia year round, which will be covered in another section.


Cruise Safely!



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